Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Introduction: Ideology, Psychology, and Law
Jon Hanson

Chapter 2 – The End of the End of Ideology
John Jost

Correlates and Causes of Ideology

Chapter 3 – System Justification Theory and Research: Implications for Law, Legal Advocacy, and Social Justice
Gary Blasi and John Jost

Chapter 4 – Interpersonal Foundations of Ideological Thinking
Curtis Hardin, Rick M. Cheung, Michael W. Magee, Steven Noel, and Kasumi Yoshimura

Chapter 5 – Crowding Out Morality: How the Ideology of Self-Interest Can Be Self-Fulfilling
Barry Schwartz

Chapter 5 Legal Comment – “A Fine is Not a Price”: Insights for Law
Anne L. Alstott

Chapter 6 – Associations Between Law, Competitiveness, and the Pursuit of Self-Interest
Mitch Callan and Aaron Kay

Chapter 6 Legal Comment – “You Call, I Hammer!”: Adversarial Legalism and Social Influence
Douglas Kysar

Chapter 7 – Automatic Associations: Personal Attitudes or Cultural Knowledge
Eric Uhlmann, Andrew Poehlman, and Brian Nosek

Chapter 7 Legal Comment
Jerry Kang

Chapter 8 – Implicit Policy Attitudes
Jon Hanson and Mark Yeboah

Chapter 9 – Attributions and Ideologies: Two Divergent Visions of Human Behavior Behind Our Laws, Policies, and Theories
Adam Benforado and Jon Hanson

Protection and Preservation of Ideology

Chapter 10 – Preference, Principle, and Political Casuistry
Eric Knowles and Peter Ditto

Chapter 10 Legal Comment – Warm Reasoning and Legal Proof of Discrimination
Martha Chamallas

Chapter 11 – Identity, Belief, and Bias
Geoffrey Cohen

Chapter 11 Legal Comment – Remedying Law’s Partiality Through Social Science
Andrew Perlman

Chapter 12 – Bias Perception and the Spiral of Conflict
Kathleen Kennedy and Emily Pronin

Chapter 12 Legal Comment – The Lawyer as Bias Buffer or Bias Aggravator
Robert Bordone

Chapter 13 – Seeing Bias: Discrediting and Dismissing Accurate Attributions
Adam Benforado and Jon Hanson

Ideology in Legal Theory and Law

Chapter 14 – Backlash: The Reaction to Mind Sciences in Legal Academia
Adam Benforado and Jon Hanson

Chapter 15 – The Mystique of Instrumentalism
Tom Tyler and Lindsay Rankin

Chapter 16 – The Fine Line Between Interrogation and Retribution.
Avani Mehta Sood and Kevin Carlsmith

Chapter 16 Legal Comment – How to Advocate Against Torture? Understanding and Countering the Dynamics of Support for Abusive Interrogation
James Cavallaro

Chapter 17 – Two Social Psychologists’ Reflections on Situationism and the Criminal Justice System.
Lee Ross and Donna Shestowsky

Chapter 18 – What’s Love Got to Do with It?: Stereotypical Women in Dispositionist Torts.
Fernanda Nicola

Chapter 19 – Legal Interpretation and Intuitions of Public Policy
Josh Furgeson and Linda Babcock

Chapter 20 – Ideology and the Study of Judicial Behavior
Lee Epstein, Andrew D. Martin, Kevin M. Quinn, and Jeffrey A. Segal

Chapter 21 – Depoliticizing Administrative Law
Cass Sunstein and Thomas Miles

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